Monday, April 23, 2012

day 249, i got this camera through pottery barn, of all places. they had some 'rare finds' sort of thing in a catalog and you were to order one and they would send you a mystery old camera. i thought it sounded interesting, you never know what you'll get! and it was fun to get the camera and then go online to search the history of it. this is a soviet FED 3.

and this is the information i found online:  FED 3 (first version)  This version of Fed rangefinder camera was manufactured between 1962 and 1964.  The lens is Industar - 61 , f2.8/52mm. "More" original could be Industar- 26M F2,8/50mm.  Soviet, or more exactly Ukrainian evolution model of Leica II.It has like its origin a focal plane shutter. B - 1- 1/500. Film advance using a knob .No light meter but a self timer and a flash contact.    i also found that FED is named for felix edmundovich dzerzhinsky who was a polish russian first director of the bolshevik secret police.

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